Cze by Tania (pronounced “chay”) is a local Manitoba business that specializes in making women’s and men’s all natural and organic hair and beard products. We have everything you need from styling products, masques that repair and restore health to your hair, and all of your beard care necessities. Best of all, our products are natural, chemical and paraben free – to maintain and nourish your hair in a healthy way!

At Cze by Tania, we handcraft all of our products using the finest natural and organic ingredients available, along with locally sourced raw materials. We go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality of care goes into everything we make. If it is not something we would be willing to use in our own family’s hair and beards, we wouldn’t put that in the hands of our customers.

Who doesn’t want healthy and beautiful hair or a well-kept beard? Cze by Tania makes it easy by giving you what your hair craves!