I love all the great scents of the Beard Oils and Beard Balms, True North and Cedar Country are my go-to’s. I use the oil at night to moisturize and nourish my beard, I use the beard balm for my day-to-day routine, it gives my beard a nice all day style and hold.

Marcel T

Literally do not go a day without using your Beard Balm, my favourite is the Wiseman Blend.

Zack S

I love the Wiseman Beard Balm and Cedar Country Beard Oil. The balm has given my beard healthy growth and a touch of oil gives it a nice shine.

Jamie H

These beard oils and balms are amazing, not only do the smell great, they keep my burly beard moisturized, styled nicely and really help with the winter itch from our harsh climates.

Jesse G


I bought the mint leave-in conditioner for my 2-year-old son, he has curly blonde unruly hair, and it was always matted and wild. Since using the conditioner, it is soft, manageable and cute!

Kerri H

I love all of Cze’s styling products, they have helped repair my hair, allow me to style it any way I want, and best of all it’s all natural.

Frances B

I used the hair repair masque, and my hair has never been so soft and healthy! After only using it a few times, I noticed a drastic difference in the texture and it was much more manageable.

Anna B

Since I started using the hair repair masque, I have noticed my hair is so much healthier, I can run my fingers through it now. It’s not dry and tangled like it used to be, and the blonde in my hair is much more vibrant. Love Love Love this product!

Tess H